Effective, Efficient & Space-saving Parking - A Pictorial Presentation

Sunday, February 28, 2010 by: Arun Mathew

I thought they would stop comin' by, But I see this blog still has curious visitors from Bangalore, Brisbane, Dublin, Balaramapuram, Kumarapuram, Nedumangad etc. Considering that some of these places still do not have proper Internet connectivity and they still keep comin' back, I must not disappoint!

I am sure they are re-visiting this blog to see if their favorite part of the world has finally turned into Mars...nah! You won't be disappointed! We are actually slightly better off than Mars at the time of writing this ... :)

Let's visit MG Road for starters...Looks like with the expertise of some Development NGOs, they have come up with a more efficient and effective way of Parking on busy streets...

This is the new, rising world-class way of parking...maybe we should take lessons from Barcelona?
Scenes from M.G Road, Trivandrum