God's Own Curry: Left is Right?

Sunday, October 17, 2010 by: Arun Mathew

What if you and I talked to a few friends over coffee and expressed our dislike for the government which rules your city, state or nation? Would you be arrested? We always thought this was a Democracy?
Cyber Cops in other countries are busy taking pro-active measures running campaigns to reduce internet crime. I thought Cyber Police are also supposed to help reduce crime against children on the Internet or collect statistics to identify problems young girls face on the Internet?

The big question here is, are they just a force to deal with citizens who do not support the government that employs them?

Appreciate your use of technology and "power", but how much of the power was put to use in saving young girls molestation or victimization or to help credit card users against fraud?
I would love to read a news article captioned "55-yr old arrested for possession of pre-teen porn" especially when porn is sold openly in road-side markets. 

If our law enforcers were this swift and timely in action against "criminals" everywhere, I am sure this world would have been a much better place to live in. That is way better than misusing some stately-powers to trouble people who use the Internet to read the news and listen to some music.

Unfortunately, it seems, the law and law enforcers are here only to favor a certain section of society?

Even forwarding a funny mail can lead to cyber crime in the state of Kerala. And everyone who forwards the mail can end up in jail.

Building mega-jails is probably gonna become the next hot investment!

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