Emergency Alert: Alien Pothole Invasion Hits Your City - We are Sinking, Not Rising Anymore!

Thursday, September 10, 2009 by: Arun Mathew

Note: English is a funny language and you need to have an OPEN MIND to be able to take it in the right sense. Unfortunately, that is not the case with many of our readers! After a series of discussions with bloggers and members of the community, we have decided to edit and remove certain excerpts on this blog which refers to any particular cities, communities or individuals and which probably hurts sentiments of people who are working very very hard for the progress of their cities or communities and to see their cities Rise ;). 
Again, sadly, the truth remains and let us all try to change that!
Sad but True! Are we not tired talking about 'mega' stuff like ports, malls, research institutions & technology parks here? They will all come, surely, but rather slowly. That is the Kerala model of development and the common complaint is that it gets painfully slower in this part of the state.

What this capital city needs urgently along with other parts of the state is good infrastructure. I mean, hey who is gonna invest in your city if we do not have the basic infrastructure in place? That includes not just roads and other public infra, but social infrastructure too.

The other day, I was told by this development freak and a senior and leading businessman about why things don't just fall in place in this city. His explanation was "there is nobody to vouch for this city, most influential people & politicians here are from other parts of the state". How very true!

Wherever you are, you are the taxpayer and you expect returns. At least a smooth ride to work? That ride to work is something that could make or break your day?

I wake up every morning "Oh Lord, tell me which route I should take to work today? The one with real roads but too many buses parked in the middle of the narrow road or the crater-ridden roller coaster ride or how about that road which reminds me of step farming?"

We are moving to PrimeTimeCurry shortly, this will talk about everything from curry, sushi and tofu to our Sami, Jap and Mexican friends and maybe even our personal lives. There is a large world out there and having seen quite a bit of it, it is time to think global and not let our brains shrink.

See you there!

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