Call 1800 425 7771 everytime you ride (survive) a pothole!

Saturday, November 21, 2009 by: Arun Mathew

The next time you survive a pothole, call 1800 425 7771 and let them know you just did come out of a crater and you are about to enter the next one!

The PWD is launching the service this week so citizens can raise a complaint about the local pothole(s) and have the complaint attended to within 48 hours by the concerned engineers. Also, as part of this scheme, all concerned engineers would be given mobile phone connections for effective implementation.

Pretty cool! It should not be too hard to make a call to the above number on roads which resemble the moon, you will have enough time when negotiating the craters which will bring your car's speed down but just don't get booked for talking on the phone while driving!