God's Own Waste - Nov 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010 by: Arun Mathew

It is true that our rulers in the Government have no time for issues like waste management especially when they have bigger scams like Lottery scam and Email Forward scam.

Our local politicians even discuss Obama, Barcelona and Malta during their campaign speeches but good infrastructure like Public Waste Bins are probably the last thing on their minds!

And our citizenry are supposed to be 100% literate too and are aware that they are supposed to dump waste only in a bin. But then, why do they do what you see below?

What you see is from the entrance to Jawahar Nagar, a posh locality in the Kerala capital, Trivandrum, where many a eminent personality reside and highly unlikely this is been done by the local residents. 

I once saw this dad riding his kid to school holding on to his very old scooter so that it does not fall apart yet managing to throw a bag of waste on a lonely stretch of road...so that is what wifey makes him every morning!

And what you see below is innovative waste disposal ... a scene outside a reputed school near Kowdiar.

All this waste disposal usually happens in the wee hours of the day and as it gets more and more innovative, we will soon be of hearing of Waste Mafia or Waste Scam, in Kerala.